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ADVENTURES KALIMANTAN is a Local Tour Operator company with years of experiences in organizing any kind of travel inquiries around the wild jungles of Borneo Kalimantan and throughout the most longest river in asia including holidays operator for Derawan Island. We are a local brand,managed by the natives and empowering the surrounding peoples around the regions,Its more than just a holidays operator, we involved our self for the sustainable eco tourism, we bringing you a new style of travels throughout Borneo Island, Indonesia

Adventures Kalimantan has
a wide network on kalimantan kalimantan with dozens of multi-lingual guides services , a smoth relation with the Hotels / Lodge , transportation, boats, flights, this is will assist us to quote a lowest cot for every bookings.
Adventures Kalimantan Travel packages are carefully designed with the wide consideration of the safety and the environment impact of what we offer to see including building awareness of ecotourism. We offer Varying of travel services with some of fixed programs that we have, Also would be glad to offer in different plan to plan to designing pa ersonalized itineraries for visiting Orangutan national park, Dayak Tribes , explore dayak, bamboo river rafting, leisure cruise on mahakam river safari, cross borneo and many more to offer, as we are one of oKalimantan specialist Operator .

Our Services :
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Adventures Kalimantan,
Offer varying of Trekking trips into the Jungle, the national park, and trekking into the villages to discover the wildlifes, species and tribes.

Offer any Cruises Packages on mahakam river and more destinations on kalimantan.

Offer reservation for Hotels / lodge and airlines including car rental.

TOP Destination :

Tanjung Isuy, located in East Kalimantan hinterland, has a traditional Dayak long-house which has been turned into lodges for visitors. Visitors are usually greeted by a traditional Benuaq Dayak welcome. The place can be reached through the scenic Mahakam river. At Muara Ancalong - Muara Wahau visitors can watch traditional dances of Kenyah Dayak which are performed at a long-house. In Flower Island, South Kalimantan, we can find many species of monkeys and an old Chinese temple where local Chinese bring offerings of fresh fruit and peanuts to a tribe of aggressive macaquef in hopes of being blessed with even greater prosperity

An original Betang (traditional longhouse) can be seen in Saham village, 158 km from Pontianak, West Kalimantan. The measures of this long-house are: 186 m long, 6 m wide, inhabited by 269 people. A heritage to Kaharingan religion, a sect of Hinduism, can be found in Bukit Rawi, small village of Central Kalimantan

Trekking and water adventure :
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A trip along the Mahakam river in East Kalimantan offers unique riverside scenery of rare flora and fauna. Floating markets of all sizes can be found everywhere on Barito River, Banjarmasin South Kalimantan, with the one at the junction of the Kuin and Barito rivers is considered one of the best. Market activities usually end at 9 am
Have a  pleasent  Adventure  Around Kalimantan.  .

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Adventures | Specializing organizing for Jungle Trek,Wildlifes and cultures
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Real Estate offer Oranghutan – Dayak 5 Days
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Real Estate offer Floating Market 3 Days
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Real Estate offer Camp Leaky – Rafting 7 Days
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Real Estate offer Kayan Mentarang 6 Days
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